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Dye It Yourselfは、そんな概念を具現化する、新しいプラスチック製品の「あり方」の提案です。
※Dye It Yourself+は、Dye It Yourselfの発展版として、紅花、藍、桜といった天然の色で染める試みです。
2015年10月24日~11月3日の期間、Any Tokyo2015にて展示を行いました。
The concept of mass production can also be described as the value of the replicability of a created product.
Plastic products are a quintessential presence in such mass production, and they continue to exist because they are made to be identical.
However, sometimes we want things that are different from what others want, or we become deeply attached to the things that we made by ourselves.
At the edge, people can easily impart their individual taste while still taking advantage of the low cost of mass production with plastic. Dye It Yourself embodies such a concept, and it proposes a new kind of existence for plastic products.
“Porous plastic” is what we call the real-world achievement of the concept. This special kind of plastic material can absorb water.
As a material, it is commonly used for industrial applications, but is only rarely used for everyday consumer products.
We focused our attention on the plastic’s porousness, re-interpreting it as plastic that can be dyed with colors, and we and created a furniture prototype as an example.
A typical mass-produced plastic product, can be dyed by the user in their own unique way.
By using natural dyes such as safflower, cherry blossom, and Japanese indigo, 
beautifully variegated and shaded colors can transform the plastic’s uniform surface, giving it an attractive look that resembles textiles.
The colorful presence also transcends the fixed boundaries of typical mass-produced merchandise and crafts.
Mass-produced goods that were originally destined to be identical can now become one-of-a-kind with the individual expressions of their users.
This is a proposition that can propel the relationship between the mass production concept and the user toward a new horizon. What we wanted to design through this project is precisely the restructuring of the relationship and the concept.
※Dye It Yourself+ was exhibited in Any Tokyo 2015 during a Tokyo Design Week 2015.


PROJECT NAME:Dye It Yourself+


CATEGORIES:Self-driven Research Projects

PHOTO:Masayuki Hayashi(1,4-13)

LINK:Any Tokyo 2015