Ice Crystal / SWAROVSKI

Design Miami/ Swarovski Designers of the Future Award 2017授賞に伴う、Swarovskiとのコミッションワーク。
Swarovskiと、3Dプリント技術を開発するMICRON3DP Ltdとのコラボレーションワークを行い、
With SWAROVSKI, we have made products using a world-first manufacturing technique  “Crystal Glass” 3D printer. SWAROVSKI's crystal glass comes in varying shapes, but we thought that the true nature of the product is “light itself.” With the ability for completion within a matter of hours using a 3D printer, noticing similarities with needle ice which forms overnight, an artwork that gives off the tender light of an ice crystal ― which slightly differs with the bright radiance of SWAROVSKI's crystal glass ― was designed. The lamination marks characteristic of the 3D printer were explained as not being a negative thing. Rather, they were taken into the design as something which brings forth the reflection of a new light. Also, the way in which printing occurs through lamination is comparable to the growth process of needle ice, and the spectacle of light emitting from a row of several of these products seems just like needle ice which has formed on the ground. Bring forth new light with new technology.
It is not the case that the latest technology creates the latest values.
In what ways can technology be placed as something that interlinks with one's own context and further expands it? It is thought that exactly these types of questions are essential. It is exactly the act of treating technology as a material, and discovering one's own context in that, that makes it possible to invent new values.
* Swarovski: Crystal glass manufacturer, founded in Tyrol in Austria in 1895.
* Crystal by SWAROVSKI.




RELEASE DATA:2017/06/12

CATEGORIES:Product Design


PHOTO:Masayuki Hayashi(1-10), Mark Cocksedge(11-13)