GOOD DESIGN SHOW 20202020.10.31 News

The Good Design Awards 2020, including the Grand Prize and other special awards, were announced yesterday.
As a member of the jury, our president, Mr. Yoshiizumi, also participated as a unit leader of Unit 1, "something to wear".
Congratulations to all the winners.
The results of the judging were announced, and the online event titled "GOOD DESIGN SHOW 2020" is now being held until Monday, November 30.
On October 31 (Sat.) from 13:00 to 14:30, Mr. Yoshiizumi will participate in the KEYNOTE DISCUSSION "Connect/Communication" with Mr. Takashi Ajitomi, the chairman of the jury, Mr. Seiichi Saito, the vice-chairman of the jury, Ms. Noriko Kawakami, and Mr. Yasuharu Sasaki, also a member of the jury.
We hope you will be able to watch them.