The exhibition "Material, or " will be introduced in the NHK WORLD program "DESIGN x STORIES".2023.10.26 Media

©NHK WORLD The program "DESIGN x STORIES" on NHK WORLD will be titled "Dialogue with Material" and will introduce the exhibition "Material, or " currently being held at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT.
*Access this page to start playback and watch live.
We would like to thank everyone involved in the production of this program, as well as Andrea Pompilio of Nabigator, for their very careful coverage of the TAKT PROJECT's activities in Tohoku leading up to the exhibition, their visits to the Satellite Lab. in Tohoku, and their actual visits to the participating artists' fields. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you again. Thank you very much.
We hope you will take a look and visit the exhibition.
Below are the broadcast details.
It will begin with Internet distribution and then expand to a variety of terrestrial broadcasts.
【Public Broadcasting】
■Broadcast:NHK WORLD
■Program:DESIGN×STORIES "Dialogue with Material Part 1"
■Broadcasting time and date〔Japan Time〕:2023.10.26
10:30 ~ 10:58 / 15:30 ~ / 21:30 ~ / 02:30 ~ / 07:30 ~
■Program:DESIGN×STORIES "Dialogue with Material Part 2"
■Broadcasting time and date〔Japan Time〕:2023.11.02
10:30 ~ 10:58 / 15:30 ~ / 21:30 ~ / 02:30 ~ / 07:30 ~
※The same program is broadcast five times to accommodate time differences between countries.
~How to view~
If you are in Japan, you can view the event via live streaming on the Internet.
・On Demand
Part 1 will be available on demand from October 27 and Part 2 from November 3, and can be viewed repeatedly regardless of the time on the official website below.