TAKT PROJECT's series "TOHOKU Research" on AXIS Vol.2192022.10.15 Media

©AXIS The series "TOHOKU Research by TAKT PROJECT" on AXIS magazine.
The latest issue is now on sale and contains the third installment of the series. The theme is "The potential of "incomprehensible".
It seems the purpose of design is undoubt- edly to be “clearly comprehensible.” In our contemporary age when everything seems to be becoming more complex, however, facing things that are “incomprehensible” ought to become a necessary stance.
“People in Tono seem to accept that, ‘such things may happen’ even when they encounter what’s incomprehensible.” As these words I heard while visiting Tono City in Iwate Prefecture last year were unforgetta- ble, I had local guide Hajime Horikiri take me around the Tono area where I talked to cu- rator Saori Maekawa at the Tono Municipal Museum.
We hope you will find it interesting.