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    Masayuki Hayashi

Self-Driven Research

Create the "Creation."

Just like a sampling technique in music, which creates a new song by partially citing past songs and sound source, 3-PRING PRODUCT proposes a new relationship with products.
By citing ready-made products and then combining original parts made with a 3D printer,
users can utilize the product for totally different purposes or pursue more personal usage.
At this moment, a 3D printer can be considered as music equipment that dramatically enhances its potential.
By creating parts that fit with plastic products and parts that use standard sizes specific to existing products with 3D printers,
the possibility of new sampling to be born in the 3D printer era will expand.
From this perspective, we could reperceive that the products lined up in stores are not finished products,
but semi-finished products, that is, materials for new creation.
This change in perspective is that we wanted to design through this project,
in which the choice is not only between "consumers" and "manufacturers,"
but the intermediate region that connects the two has the possibility of a new creation regarding products.