Technology That Blends in with Everyday Life.

AFFECTIVE DESIGN advocated by Fujitsu Design. We were in charge of the spatial design of the AFFECTIVE DESIGN STUDIO, a semi-closed innovation studio where visitors can experience this concept. In the AFFECTIVE DESIGN concept, ways of presenting information that blend in naturally with everyday life are designed by utilizing technology while focusing on people, instead of having people adapt to technology and services. Both this fundamental idea and the digital technology that realizes it are invisible.
For a space to express these ideas, we thought we needed to design an experience that allows visitors to spontaneously feel this idea. Therefore, mannequins posing in various activities were placed as if they were cut out from scenes, while representing data integrated into the daily life around them. Although it is easy to express data using a monitor, we intentionally employed an analog presentation without using digital devices, placing a focus on people. Data was expressed graphically using a special film, and the clarity of the outline and its presence changed depending on the viewing angle, floating around the mannequins as a soft presence. By walking around to view the exhibits, the relationship between the mannequins and the data changes from moment to moment, enabling visitors to naturally experience the idea of the AFFECTIVE DESIGN. This spatial design is not intended to present advanced technology, but to present the “new everyday life” to be created with advanced technology.