Cropping the performance scene.

This was an installation for Yamaha Design 50th Anniversary Exhibition "DESIGN RECIPE" held at AXIS Gallery during Autumn Design Week.
Since it was a commemorative exhibition that looks back on 50 years of Yamaha Design, we were asked to display many actual products that symbolize their original design philosophy and to make it an enjoyable event for those who are new to musical instrument design.
Yamaha Design has several keywords that express its design style.We were strongly inspired by one of the keywords, "design for players, not for consumers or users" and decided to make this idea into the core of the exhibition. Based on placing a part of the cut-out stage and instruments in the playing position, it is not an appreciation of the instruments as things, but an exhibition of the performance scene itself. Visitors can feel musical instruments with their physical sensation by changing their line of sight on the stage. In addition, each instrument is placed from the audience's perspective at the entrance of the exhibition, and the performer's perspective in the back. This is also a mechanism to feel the style unique to Yamaha Design, which is "a design that considers both the player view and the audience view," and the exhibition space itself is one stage, showing the performers' high-pitched emotions as well as the expectation of the audience awaiting the performance.
As a result, the installation became unique to Yamaha Design, very different from exhibitions where we view the products displayed in glass cases.