Printing Strength.

Isn't it possible to think of printing as a technique to reinforce the material, rather than printing for expressing texts and patterns? By applying UV printing like a frame to a thin paper that cannot stand alone on its own, the thickness peculiar to UV printing gives strength to thin and delicate paper, and the paper stands up as a structure.
With this new method of printing, we made a structure like a paper lantern. While traditional Japanese paper lanterns are made by sticking Japanese paper on bamboo straws, this is completed simply by printing the structure on the paper. Another feature of this structure is to keep various shapes, unlike traditional lanterns. Also, since strength can be designed as print data, the degree of freedom in its structural design is high, and various paper structures can be created depending on how the data is created.
Born by reinterpreting the meaning and purpose of printing, this method of creating 3D objects using 2D printing presents new possibilities for 2D printers.

* pecopaco is the product of the experimental project “MONOPURI” by Koshin Planning.