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TAKT PROJECT participated in the TAKEO PAPER SHOW 2023 "PACKAGING - Function and Laughter" as a creater in charge of "Function".

TAKEO PAPER SHOW, an exhibition of paper and design organized by TAKEO Co., Ltd.,, a specialized paper trading company, since 1965. The exhibition delves deeply into the topic of paper from a variety of angles and perspectives, exploring its meaning and value in collaboration with leading designers of the next generation. The TAKEO PAPER SHOW, now being held for the 49th time, is unique, with a reputation as one of the biggest paper industry events in Japan. The theme of this time was "PACKAGING - Function and Laughter," and was planned and organized by Mr. Kenya Hara, one of Japan's leading designers and Hara Design Institute, Nippon Design Center.

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programmed PAPER

Paper warps.
Paper appears uniform, but it actually warps in a specific direction. While inconvenient when using paper as a flat material, the small space created by the bend hints that something could be wrapped inside. The concept here was a pine cone, whose scales bend to open and close with changes in humidity. The outer material dries and shrinks, pulling on the inner material, which doesn’t. On rainy days, the cone protects the seeds. On sunny days, it sends them flying. For the substrate paper, we chose PASCO because it responded so well to humidity, and we coated one side with UV silk screen printing. When dried after being moist, PASCO shrinks a lot, but when UV printing (which doesn’t shrink) is applied, the paper takes on a large bend, rather than shrinking. This is paper with pre-programmed properties. In this case, design is the act of programming “wrapping” into the paper.