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    Masayuki Hayashi


    AXIS Gallery

Self-Driven Research


TAKT PROJECT's first solo exhibition at AXIS Gallery. We exhibited our design perspective called "SUBJECT ⇌ OBJECT" with seven projects. The exhibition space composed of seven walls quietly faces the raised SUBJECT and realized OBJECT, and provides a meditating experience.

“It should be this way.” Countless ready-made frameworks can be said to be such a tacit understanding. This kind of common knowledge of values helps our understanding, facilitates communication, and plays an essential role when creating something. However, when we discover something that deviates from such a framework, our preconceived ideas are strongly shaken. It may be an uneasy experience where the things you believed in collapse. However, it should be a special moment when you encounter another possibility and move your mind. We are thinking of making such changes through design. Speculating about certain frameworks, the topic that leads to new possibilities will be called “SUBJECT” from now on, and things that have been realized to perceive that will be called “OBJECT.” It may not be a product which will immediately enrich our life. However, it is a fundamental question that assumes a longer time frame, and an important attitude of design in the future society where the correct answer cannot be defined. Focusing on the research project TAKT PROJECT has carried out, we will introduce "SUBJECT ⇌ OBJECT" along with seven concrete examples.