273488887Discover the own context in the latest technology.

The latest technology does not produce the latest products. How can technology be positioned as an existence to interlink one's context and further expands it? We believe such a question is essential. We were given an opportunity to design a product that uses the world's first 3D printed “Crystal Glass” with SWAROVSKI.Though SWAROVSKI's crystal glass comes in various shapes, we interpreted that the essence is the “light itself.” We discovered similarities between the features of 3D printer, which can complete printing a model in a few hours, and the frost columns, which grow overnight, and designed an object that emits a gentle light like ice crystals. This was achieved by incorporating the lamination marks peculiar to the 3D printer into the design positively, as a characteristic to bring the new reflection of light. Also, the process of printing through stacking is like that of frost columns, and the spectacle of light created by arranging several of this product is exactly like the frost columns formed on the surface of the earth. Creating new light with new technology. Technology is a material, and a new value can be created only by finding its own context.

Crystal by SWAROVSKI.
Swarovski: Crystal glass manufacturer founded in Tyrol, Austria in 1895.