442998888Creating Material from Material.

“deposition” is a new material created in collaboration with Mitsui Chemicals.
Generally, industrial materials have been expected to be homogeneous. On the other hand, natural materials such as wood have heterogeneities such as grain and knots, but the creators have created various products from one material by taking advantage of their characteristics. Couldn't we incorporate such creative stimuli that natural materials bring into homogeneous industrial materials? This material, which is a combination of resin and metal, presents a mixture of nonuniform strength, specific gravity, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and appearance. Depending on how the material is cut, we could make its strength and weight unevenly distributed, make it behave like an electronic substrate that can conduct electricity, and convert its heterogeneous properties into functions. In other words, the material turns into a product with the minimum act of recognizing the characteristics and cutting without assembling. This material, which brings about such a natural material-like process, presents a new way of industrial material and a more creative relationship with the creator.

*Manufactured using the special technique "Polymetac®" which integrates metal and resin.