Exhibiting the future Situation.

“The future of fashion changed by digital technologies” This conceptual exhibition presented such a world view by Fashion Entertainments (SONY Corporation).
“A future boutique” was the concept of the space for exhibiting not only its first product, the FES Watch that uses e-paper for the face and entire strap, but also the future situation where various fashion items will be digitized. E-paper, which was processed according to four themes (color, pattern, shape and texture), was framed inside the iconic clothes hanger-shaped panels that generated a boutique-like atmosphere, displaying different colors and patterns at certain intervals. In addition, samples of fashion items made of these materials with changing colors and patterns were also displayed, arranged in a manner to give a boutique-like atmosphere. The exhibition offered an experience of visiting a boutique in 2020, by surrounding visitors with samples of various fashion-oriented digital materials, and with items that were specifically provided as fashion materials. It was a space that exhibited the situation itself in which the desired world view was realized, and the exhibit demonstrated the possibilities of future fashion as a more concrete experience.