Design of Balance.

A soft knit fabric stands on its own, just barely balanced.
This form was created by developing a special thermally hardening fabric knitted with a fusible bonding yarn that shrinks when heated. When a metal frame is pressed against the fabric and heats it partially, the fabric shrinks and hardens along the frame, while the unheated part remains soft. Within the work, therefore, the soft texture characteristic of textiles and the rigid, structural support coexist. The balance between the cloth trying to outspread and the hardened supporting structure somehow evokes the vitality of a bud on the verge of flowering and the state of equilibrium with the outside world. This work has a soft but intense presence, just like a bud about to bloom.

This work was exhibited at the “WHAT’S KNIT? This is a knit. That is a knit, too” exhibition that was planned, curated, and creatively directed by TAKT PROJECT, in which TAKT PROJECT also participated as an artist.