446176483One form, transforming existence.

"FES Watch" is a wristwatch with a completely new concept that uses electronic paper on the dial and the entire belt, in which the pattern changes depending on the user's watch operation. Fashion Entertainments_Sony is a new business project as well as an intrapreneurship of Sony. This watch is the first product that embodies their vision of "creating new ways to enjoy fashion through digitalization."
The design aims to be a "neutral existence" that accepts the watch on which various patterns are projected. For example, it's like a plain canvas. On the other hand, we aimed to create a watch that is not just a canvas. It gives a strong sense of identity as a watch by emphasizing its prototypal silhouette. The silhouette of a watch that everyone is familiar with, composed of a circular dial and a rectangular belt. It is a mysterious feeling we have never experienced before, to witness various patterns that appear on the surface to stay connected to the original meaning of the silhouette, while those patterns transform lightly. It's not a two-dimensional impression that the displayed pattern changes simply on the display, but a completely new experience in which even the character of the fixed product or the presence itself changes lightly.
Expressing yourself by changing what you wear, was the way you enjoy fashion until today. This is a new way of enjoying fashion, where the things you wear change themselves.