Design the Unknown.

OiCy is a futuristic kitchen appliance project that connects recipes and kitchen devices, currently under development by Cookpad. We were in charge of the product design of the seasoning server OiCy Taste, the first product of its series. Among the numerous kitchen appliances, this one is quite unique. Products in such an entirely new category require an approach different from existing designs—seeking a new and original form. The design boldly separates the primitive part for receiving seasonings and the new part for connecting with recipes. The characteristic funnel-like mortar shape immediately tells us that it serves seasonings. The largish plane behind it is where the user decides the appropriate amount of seasoning using a smartphone, and it also seems like a notebook with recipes written down. Using pottery and metal as materials for the seasoning receiver gives a texture reminiscent of an old-time kitchen tool. Meeting with new objects should not be a negative encounter with the unknown for the users. We believe that the role of designing the unknown is to translate the encounter with the unknown into a motive for trying.

OiCy project, under development by Cookpad, connects recipes and kitchen devices.
We also designed the logo of the project.