retracing the story of down.671795871

TAKT PROJECT produced an unprecedented installation introducing ALLIED FEATHER+DOWN, one of the world's leading down suppliers based in California, USA.

Down jackets are filled with the blessings of nature. By wearing these blessings, humans have connected with nature even in the coldest of fields. The production of down feathers is a way of respecting nature and maintaining a connection with it. This installation was designed for visitors to relive the history of ALLIED FEATHER+DOWN. The story of the down jacket, tracing back to the geese and ducks, is materialized in spaces scattered along the “route” guided by down balls, the blessings of nature brought by the waterfowls. The path created with down constantly changes with the slightest breeze, like a miniature landscape representing the natural world that the jackets are meant to deal with.

Despite its location in the urban heart of Roppongi, the exhibition reveals our connection with nature through the familiar product of down jackets.