686963300LifeWear Museum

UNIQLO GINZA, the global flagship store of UNIQLO, marked its 10th year milestone in 2021. Under the concept of “New Life, New Wear, New GINZA,” all 12 floors were reborn. The greatest feature of the new Ginza store is the museum-like installations that allow customers to experience the LifeWear brand philosophy while shopping. The installations were designed for each floor to demonstrate UNIQLO’s aesthetics and commitment to unique clothing production, offering more in-depth explanation for the LifeWear philosophy.

TAKT PROJECT was in charge of the creative direction and design of most of the installations, and also worked on some of the exhibits together with collaboration designers. This was a collaborative project with UNIQLO GLOBAL CREATIVE LAB.

A pendulum artwork made of cashmere knit with 20 different colors welcomes customers at the first-floor entrance. The store was designed to both provide a shopping experience and create a museum-like setting for presenting the innovation and technology behind UNIQLO’s signature products (such as Ultra Light Down, 3D Knit, and HEATTECH), the craftsmanship behind making high-quality clothing, and initiatives for sustainability.