684173164Designing space with sound.

TAKT PROJECT designed the venue for the event SOUND DESIGN FESTIVAL in Hamamatsu 2021.
Hamamatsu, known as a city of musical instruments and music, joined the UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network in the field of music in December 2014. As a UNESCO City of Music, Hamamatsu explores the possibilities of sound design, in search of new possibilities for diverse sound creation practices. The SOUND DESIGN FESTIVAL is a symbol of these efforts.

The theme for 2021 is “the forms of communication created with sound.”
Communication seems to be something that cannot be visualized, but acoustic transmission is always accompanied by the vibration of a physical medium. In order to maximize the significance of the physical festival, we focused on this tangible nature of “sound” and produced a space composed of string phones. Seven staircases are arranged within the space to form a circle, and six string phones are placed at the top of each. The colorful strings, some as long as 30 meters, connect the phones and draw a geometric pattern that serves as a roof over the exhibition space, welcoming visitors with joyful colors. At the venue, the string phones invite people to enjoy communicating through sounds. The staircases act as viewing points for visitors who enjoy sound performances unfolding before them, forming a circle like those formed spontaneously around a street musician. Beneath the 42 sound-transmitting strings, visitors meet various sound design works.

Like in an arena, diverse soundscapes are brought together into the venue configured in a circle with string phones. It is a space created by the transmission of sounds, a spatialization of interactions fostered by sounds.

*The event was managed by Hamamatsu City and adequate COVID-19 prevention measures were taken.