Functions Emotionally.

In Ginza, the busiest district in Japan, UNIQLO has opened ”UNIQLO TOKYO,” its largest global flagship store in Japan (interior & exterior design: Herzog & de Meuron). The store features a large atrium that runs from the first to the fourth floor, with an exhibition space named "LifeWear SQUARE" in the center of the 1st floor, the most symbolic area looking up at the atrium. "LifeWear SQUARE" is an area that presents UNIQLO's concept of LifeWear, and a place to convey the concept to customers comprehensively. As its first exhibition, we were in charge of displays with the theme of UNIQLO's signature series, "AIRism.”
The functionality of AIRism is created by the collaboration between UNIQLO and Toray, that is, by developing from its yarn. With that background in mind, we aimed for an exhibition to experience the three functionalities of "texture," "breathability," and "moisture-wicking and quick-drying" as well as the stories born from the yarn. A water slide-like display, where fine particles slide on the fabric to demonstrate the smooth "texture." A display to experience the "breathability," where wind is blown through the fabric to sail a ship swiftly. Another display that looks like a wet rock garden, where one can drip water and see the "moisture-wicking and quick-drying" feature. Visitors would experience the characteristics of AIRism in the “coolness” through these experimental displays. We also set raw materials, usually seen very seldom, as one of the features of the exhibition; cone yarns with printed texts are placed as signs, for example.
One can feel not only the functionalities but also the contexts of how they were developed and the emotional values they bring. The exhibition that shares such stories of AIRism expresses a part of the comfortable life brought by LifeWear.